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You have an innovative idea, but explaining it in a creative and engaging way might be a problem. That’s when the need to write a white paper arises. It helps you get a tremendous amount of attention from the audience of your business. Always remember: ideas never die; you give up. And if you want to give it a chance, showcase it according to the latest standards. Our white paper writing service tells you how. This page is all about this professional service. 


What is a White Paper?

A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body’s philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision;” explains Wikipedia.

A white paper was used to be a government report that discusses an idea or issue in detail. In recent years, the purpose of white paper writing changed so much. Now companies of all sorts write white papers to illustrate the dynamics of an idea, event, or series of incidents.

Sometimes, people like to write white papers rather than a business plan to shed light on a business idea. Blockchain and crypto projects require this document to discuss an idea in detail. A white paper writer should have an in-depth understanding of the project for which a white paper is needed. 


Our White Paper Writing Service

A well-written white paper can help your organization a lot. We do care about your budget constraints and time deadlines. How to write a technical white paper? People ask this question all the time.

Well, writing a technical white paper is not child’s play. Our experts bring decades-long experience to write a killer white paper that fits your needs and serves the purpose. We write white papers on topics such as:

  • Crypto White Papers
  • Blockchain White Papers
  • Cyber Security White Papers
  • Artificial Intelligence White Papers
  • Political White Papers
  • Social White Papers


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Most crypto customers approached us for ICOs, IEOs, IDOs, STOs, DeFi, and NFT projects. Such documents contain content like executive summary, industry problems, proposed solution, project introduction, core features, token details, token economics, roadmap, team members, contact details, references, and disclaimer. 


Our Recent White Papers

We have written around 200 white papers over the years, and we can definitely help you with yours. Through our timely creative work, our customers have been able to raise a huge amount of funds in a short time span. Apex Writings Team is quite good at white paper design and writing such documents. We mostly write technical white papers on cutting-edge technology topics such as blockchain and AI.

If you want to check how good we are, please check our recent works below:

Concise WhitePaper: Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Standard WhitePaper: Social Selling on LinkedIn

Premium WhitePaper: The Evolution from RPA to Intelligent Automation

Fully-Custom WhitePaper: Medical Veda – Crypto – MedicalTech

The structure of different documents can be different as there are no standards in this area. In general, a document starts with a cover page, and then comes the table of contents, executive summary, industry problems, recommended solutions, project introduction, project features, project team, contact details, and references.


Hire Best White Paper Writers Near

A white paper is a high-level document that is mostly technical. If you are writing a white paper, it is important to write it in a creative way to deliver your ideas successfully. The white paper design and layout matter greatly when it comes to engaging your readers. 

You should try to find the best white paper writer if you want to represent your project in the best possible manner. At Apex Writings, we have a team of experienced white paper writers that have crafted over 200 white papers in recent years. You can be our next success story. 


Cost of White Paper Writing and Design

The price you will have to pay for white paper design or white paper writing depends on your unique needs. Some people quote as per the customer’s budget, but we need to consider various factors to share our rates. Typically, the cost depends on factors such as: 

  • Time Deadline
  • WhitePaper Topic 
  • WhitePaper Length 
  • WhitePaper Design 
  • Customer’s Budget

To know how much you will have to pay for your document, please reach out to us with your requirements and get a custom quote. 


Consult an Expert and Book Your Order

Let’s discuss your requirements if you are interested in our white paper writing service. Despite the premium quality, our rates are quite reasonable. Please consult one of our experts to get the price for your custom white paper. 

We are the leading white paper writing service in Pakistan, the UAE, the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Contact us now, and let’s give your idea a new life.

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