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Wanna Amaze Your Business Plan Audience?

The main purpose of writing a business plan is to showcase a business idea in such a way that it could convince investors to fund the project. Whether you are a student, a dreamer, or an entrepreneur, our business plan writers are ready to help. How to make a business plan? How much does our business plan cost? How does our business plan writing service work? We will answer these and other questions on this page. Here is how our business plan writing service can help you achieve various goals.


Why Most Business Plans Fail

  • An exit strategy is not included
  • Human resources are not enough
  • The business idea is too common
  • Proper financial analysis is missing
  • The required changes were not made 
  • No authentic research was conducted
  • No incentive-compatible compensation
  • Presence of grammatical and typo errors
  • Most of the plan is based on assumptions 
  • Lack of details about different market forces
  • No in-depth understanding of the target market
  • Sales forecasts are ambitious rather than realistic
  • Different components are not related to each other
  • Limited awareness about the ongoing buying trends

How Do We Write Business Plans?

We constantly work with entrepreneurs and we follow the industry’s best practices to write business proposals for start-ups and innovative ideas. If you are a start-up founder and looking for a business plan writing company, here is how we can help.

If you want to start a business but are not sure if it is viable, scalable, and feasible, you should hire us to conduct a feasibility study on that topic to write a comprehensive feasibility report. A feasibility report will make this decision much easier.

There are different types of business plans and understanding the difference is necessary to prepare the right one for your unique needs. Generally, people make business plans for startups, business growth, internal analysis, business feasibility, business operations, and strategic analysis.

How We Research and Collect Data

We take market-specific facts and figures from reliable and authoritative sources. Generally, we use time-tested data and information from: 


  • Mintel
  • Statista
  • IBISWorld
  • Scholarly Journals
  • Government Websites
  • Allied Market Research
  • United Nations Statistics
  • And Many More Resources

For example, we are writing a business plan for London, United Kingdom; we will use the information on the websites of the UK government and market research companies in London. Please feel free to ask any question related to our data collection, research techniques, and analysis methods. 

Immigration Business Plan Writer

How Our Business Plans Help You?

We make business plans for a variety of purposes. Some people hire us to write business plans to apply for startup grants and many people hire buy our business plan writing service for loan approvals. 

At Apex Writings, we regularly work with startups and running businesses which gives us great market exposure. While writing a business plan, our team conducts an in-depth research to make master piece. 

Our grant writers have researched successful Silicon Valley business plans. We design and write your idea in a compelling and creative way that grabs the attention and interest of the readers or investors.

We Write Ultimate Business Plans

With the help of finance, technology, marketing, human resources, and legal experts, we write business plans that are complete in all respects. We carefully make the following components of our business plans:

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Introduction
  • Products or Services
  • Market Analysis
  • Financial Plan
  • Personnel Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Forecasts
  • Technology Needs
  • And More Details

Some people need detailed business plans, and that’s why we add even more sections to their business plans. Besides, the graphical representation is the key to stand out. We normally make 3-year financial statements, but we can easily manage if you need 5-year or even 10-year financial statements. 

Types and Nature of Business Plans

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need business plan ideas, samples, or templates. We can write about all types of business ideas across all industries. Some famous topics for business ideas include:

  • Real Estate Business Plans 
  • Healthcare Business Plans
  • Technology Business Plans
  • Financial Business Plans
  • Salon Business Plans
  • Catering Business Plans
  • Restaurant Business Plans
  • Bakery Business Plans
  • Hotel Business Plans
  • Coffee Shop Business Plans
  • Construction Business Plans
  • Farm Business Plans
  • IT Business Plans
  • Visa Business Plans
  • Bank Loan Business Plans
  • Immigration Business Plans
  • SBA Business Plans
  • SaaS Business Plans
  • School Business Plans
  • Lean Canvas Business Plans
  • Business Visa Business Plan
  • FinTech Business Plan
  • AgriTech Business Plan
  • LegalTech Business Plan
  • Startup Business Plan

Our Team is Good at Preparing

  • UK Innovator Founder Visa Business Plan
  • Canada Startup Visa Busienss Plan
  • US SBA Loan Business Plan 
  • USA E1 Visa Business Plan
  • USA E2 Visa Business Plan 
  • USA EB-2 NIW Visa Business Plan
  • USA EB-5 Visa Business Plan
  • USA L-1 Visa Busienss Plan
  • USA O-1 Visa Busienss Plan
  • Italy Startup Visa Business Plan and Presentation Deck
  • Estonia Startup Visa Business Plan
  • Austria Startup Visa Business Plan
  • Cyprus Startup Visa Business Plan
  • Romania D/AC Visa Business Plan
  • Denmark Startup Visa Business Plan and Pitch Deck
  • Finland Startup Visa Business Plan
  • French Tech Visa Business Plan
  • Ireland Start-up Entrepreneur Programme Business Plan
  • Italian Startup Visa Business Plan
  • Lithuania Startup Visa Business Plan
  • Netherland (Dutch) Startup Visa Business Plan
  • Portugal Startup Visa Business Plan
  • Portugal D-2 Visa Business Plan
  • San Marino Startup Visa Business Plan
  • Spain Entrepreneur Visa Business Plan
  • Australia Immigration Visa Business Plan
  • Japan Startup Visa Business Plan
  • Isle of Man Innovator Visa Business Plan
  • South Korea Business Start-Up Visa Business Plan
  • China Business Start-Up Visa Business Plan
  • Singapore Startup Visa Business Plan (aka Entrepass)
  • Indian Business Startup Visa Business Plan
Startup Visa Business Plan Writer, Immigration Business Plan Writer
Startup Visa Business Plan Writer, Immigration Business Plan Writer

The Team Behind Our Business Plans

We have been in the business plan writing space for quite some time, and we understand what resources a business plan needs. The team that prepares such documents often includes MBAs, accountants, lawyers, and research associates. 

Our business plan writers complete your business proposals in all respects, and our proofreaders ensure there are no unnecessary points in the documents we make. We can also design your documents to make them more appealing.

We can add Business Continuity Plan, Contingency Plan, Disaster, Recovery Plan, and more details to your business plan if you wish.

Writing a standard business plan normally takes 7 to 10 working days. In some cases, we need more time than normal. Our priority is to always be on time. We might be able to deliver early if we are not fully booked. 

Reasonable and Flexible Cost Structure

Our business plan writers know what investors look for in a proposal, and our prices reflect the customer’s needs. The prices of Apex Writings are reasonable despite the premium quality. If you purchase from any of our competitors, you may get a similar busines plan by paying almost double the amount we charge.  

One of the reasons for our humble pricing is that Apex Writings is a startup itself and we love to support business founders across the globe. However, the business plan price depends on your unique needs. Please contact us, share your requirements, and we will get back to you with the business plan cost in your case. 

Consult an Expert Now and Get the Price

We might be the right match if you are looking for a business plan company. One of our expert writers will explain how our business plan writing service can help you if you need a winning business plan for a Start-Up Visa in the UK, US, or any other country.

Apex Writings is an emerging business plan writing service in Pakistan, the UAE, the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Netherlands, South Korea, Japan, China, Brazil, South Africa, India, and Ireland.

You can check a business plan sample below. To get a quote, please click on the button below. We Contact now, join hands with us, and make a difference.

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