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After the Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa was closed, a more competitive visa scheme was added as the new replacement. The UK Start-Up Visa has been effective since March 2019. Unlike the previous visa scheme, the Start-Up Visa is all about innovation and comes with stricter requirements. Previously, any aspiring entrepreneur was required to clear the “Genuine Entrepreneur” exam. In that case, applicants were only competing with other Non-EEA applicants. Find out more about our UK startup visa business plan writers on this page.

On the other hand, the UK Start-UP Visa demands acceptance by an approved endorsing body. These endorsing bodies include institutes like business development organizations, accelerators, incubators, universities, or relevant government agencies working toward business growth. Since these endorsing bodies receive applications from a wider pool of candidates, all Visa applicants compete with both Non-EEA and EEA businesses. For these reasons, and many more discussed below, reaching eligibility has become notably tougher. Some key parts of the criteria include:

Innovation: your business idea must be original and currently absent or limited in the market.

Viability: your idea must be easy and/or practical to execute. 

Scalability: the business should be able to grow without heavy future investments. 

While the requirements seem more challenging to navigate and fulfill, they also hold new opportunities. Because the standards have been raised, applicants also have more direction and clear guidelines on creating an eligible business plan. The main challenge is developing a business plan that passes the critical judgment, assessment, and technical evaluation conducted by Endorsing Bodies. These bodies have years of experience in judging businesses’ short-term and long-term viability. They are more discerning and critical than the Entry Clearance Officer previously responsible for deciding eligibility.  

Besides this, the acceptance rate is further affected by the endorsement limitations faced by each endorsing body. Below is a break-down of factors that make acceptance more difficult:

Home Office Approval: All applicants must be accepted by an endorsing body that is approved by the Home Office. This leaves a very limited variety of bodies to apply to, reducing the overall chances of acceptance.

Endorsing Capacity: Most endorsing bodies are only open to applications for a set time period. Some only accept applications once or twice a year. They also come with limited available seats and need further approval from the Home Office if they want to endorse over 25 businesses a year. 

Wider Competition: With endorsing bodies, applicants will compete with not only EEA but also UK citizens. The competing applicants may have more local knowledge about the business environment, which can give them an advantage. 

Given these challenges, every aspiring UK Start-Up Visa applicant must seek expert guidance and assistance. Our writing service can help you map out a well-rounded business plan that satisfies all the in-depth and long-term requirements set by the new visa scheme. We can help you navigate the uncertain and frustrating process of understanding the new rules and maximize your chances of success on the first try. With expert knowledge, relevant financial analysis, market research, and an insightful business appraisal, we can ensure the following outcomes:

  • Quickly and accurately identify a unique opportunity and build an innovative, viable, and scalable business plan.
  • Judge the suitability and advantages of different endorsing bodies so you can have a more refined path for the application process. 


Developing the Perfect Visa Business Plan

Compared to traditional businesses, finding an innovative business idea and scaling it with ease is incredibly challenging. It requires finding an unaddressed market need, finding gaps in current services, and then coming up with a viable solution. This requires in-depth knowledge of the market, the customers, and the overall industry. The three key requirements of innovation, viability, and scalability are explained in more detail below. 

Innovative: Your business idea must deliver something new and complementary to the market. The goal is to have a business that adds more variety and options instead of competing with existing businesses. This means anything that is simply cheaper, faster, or better will not suffice. Coming up with a unique product or service is not easy, especially when you lack clarity on the local market and the problems that individuals and businesses face. We can help you identify and map out the future viability of a new, innovative business that is currently absent in the UK. After identifying the idea, we will assist you with designing a long-term plan that provides clarity on the important operations, marketing, financing, and human resources functions of the business. 

Viability: This requirement is all about your business’s execution possibilities and utility. You may have a unique idea, but the endorsing body will not be satisfied unless a real need for it exists. Likewise, your business idea will also be questioned if it solves a real problem but lacks the resources, time, knowledge, or capital for execution. Every endorsing body will judge your, your team’s, and the business’s ability to actually deliver the proposed value in a clear, practical, and profitable manner. Here at Apex Writing, we help applicants devise a clear and well-tailored business strategy that explains all the operational and tactical aspects of the business. 

Scalability: For a business to be scalable, it should have the inherent ability to grow revenues without proportionally growing its costs. In theory, every business can grow if more investment is injected into marketing, operational, and product development costs. But such growth is not considered sound scalability by endorsing bodies. Scalability is present when a business is able to reduce its costs as it grows, acquire customers without investing heavily, and build goodwill over time. Combined with the other two, this last requirement can make hunting for the perfect idea more challenging. Finding an innovative business that promises long-term and effortless growth while also having minimal and realistic execution requirements is not a one-person job. With detailed financial modeling, investment evaluations, and future projections, our business plan writers can help you validate the scalability of your business. 


Our UK Startup Visa Business Plan Writing Services

We provide two services that can help Start-Up Visa applicants. 

UK Startup Visa Business Plan Review

We offer comprehensive review services for applicants who have already designed their business plans. We closely analyze every content of the plan and evaluate it against the specific requirements of the Visa. With critical financial tools and market insight, we deliver a report that includes actionable suggestions on how you can improve your business plan and make it more satisfactory. 

UK Startup Visa Business Plan Writing

Our Business Plan writing service comes with a detailed consultation and an appraisal of your strengths, capabilities, and interests. We will help you create a well-rounded, all-encompassing business plan that satisfies all the large and smaller requirements set by the Home Office and the Endorsing bodies. Our service will also include assistance with identifying and selecting the most suitable endorsing bodies for your idea.

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